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IUD Placement

Shamsah Amersi, MD

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As a leading obstetrician and gynecologist in Santa Monica and the surrounding Los Angeles, CA, areas, Dr. Amersi offers women an array of contraceptive options, including IUD placement and removal for safe, convenient, personalized birth control.

IUD Placement Q & A

What is an IUD?

IUDs, or intrauterine devices, are are small, T-shaped devices that are placed inside the uterus to provide long-lasting birth control. A long, plastic “tail” extends into the vaginal canal. Before having intercourse, you should check for the tail to ensure the IUD is still in its proper place. Although rare, an IUD can sometimes fall out, so checking to ensure it's in place before having sex is very important.

How does an IUD work?

IUDs use copper or hormones (or sometimes both) to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg or to prevent the egg from descending. Some IUDs also cause the cervix to increase the amount of mucus it produces to make it more difficult for sperm to enter the uterus.

How are IUDs inserted?

An IUD can be placed during a normal office visit during a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes to perform. First, your vaginal canal will be gently widened using a speculum. The IUD is inserted through the cervical opening to the uterus. Most women experience little discomfort, but a local anesthetic can also be used to numb the cervix prior to IUD insertion if necessary.

How often does an IUD need to be replaced?

That depends on the type of IUD that's being used. Most IUDs can remain in place from three years to 12 years, and they can be removed whenever you like during a routine office visit.

Are IUDs safe?

Yes, IUDs have been used for many years to provide safe, effective contraception. Once in place, they can remain effective for years, making them a very popular option for birth control.

How can I tell which IUD is right for me?

During your office visit, we'll discuss the different types of IUDs as well as the advantages of each so you can make an informed decision you feel good about.


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