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Obstetrics Policy


Dear Amersi Medical Family

It has been an honor to take care of you and your families. We have smiled, laughed and cried together and I am humbled and grateful for the trust, confidence and faith you have bestowed upon me during your most vulnerable times.  I am so proud of my rapidly growing practice and my ability to continue to thrive as a solo private obstetrician/gynecologist through all the changes in medicine. I believe that the foundation of wellness is to forge a partnership between a physician and patient where we empower each other with the common goal of healing.  I strive to bring to my obstetric practice compassionate and comprehensive care through a medical and scientific lens while integrating holistic wellness through a root cause, personalized approach.


As of 2020 my delivery statistics show that my c section rate falls well below the national and hospital average, I pride myself on delivering healthy babies and keeping my patients safe and cared for throughout their delivery. I have been honored by my peers and patients locally and nationally for my medical care. This transpired through a very holistic and personalized approach to each and every one of my pregnant patients, 


All solo medical doctors who provide this level of service have stopped accepting insurance due to diminishing reimbursements by insurances. I have intentionally chosen to continue accepting insurance in order to remain accessible to all patients. My remaining colleagues have been forced to join large group practices that are managed by hospital corporations.  Patients in group practices are seen by mid-level providers such as physician assistants or are put in a rotating assembly line with multiple doctors for quick impersonal checkups without any focus on holistic health. To that end, these group practices result in patients treated more like a number, with minimal personal care and attention. Direct access to your physician via email, phone calls outside of your appointment and personal compassionate care is not an option when you are a patient of a hospital owned or group practice where physicians lose all personal connection to their patients. The delivering doctor for your baby is rarely the doctor that you see during your prenatal care. 


I have chosen intentionally not to bring another physician or mid level provider such as a physicians assistant or nurse practitioner into my practice as I prefer to see you for all your medical appointments. I personally do each of my patient’s initial history, review every single lab result myself, email you your results directly, make myself available for email questions and telehealth appts and most of all make myself accessible to you 24 hrs a day by phone for all your medical emergencies.  I foster relationships with likeminded physicians and ancillary services to provide you with the highest quality care. Most importantly, I incorporate alternative healing modalities and approach your health from a holistic perspective. I pride myself on partnering with the most respected medical professionals in each area of specialty to provide you the highest quality care.


National Heroes Campaign  - featured in a national commercial with Naomi Isaki for my work during the pandemic with patients

Top Ob/Gyn in America - 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 

Los Angeles Top Doctors - 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 

Compassionate Doctor Award -2020, 2021, 2022

Southern California Super Doctor Award 2018, 2019. 2020, 2021, 2022

America’s Most Honored Doctor 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Patients’ Choice Award 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022


All pregnant patients under my care will be charged with an administrative fee of $1500 which can be broken up into three payments of $500. This fee is nonrefundable and is the same fee regardless of when you begin your prenatal journey with me. 


 If you wish to cancel your appt please email us ASAP with your name, appointment date and time as we have a long wait list of patients wishing to establish care with Dr AmersiYou will be charged a cancellation fee of $125 if you do not cancel within 48 business hours of your appt.


We understand that this fee may be a burden for some families and will be sad to see anyone leave, but we love caring for you and your family and refuse to compromise your care or experience due to cost constraints imposed by insurance companies.




Your pregnancy and childbirth will be performed by Dr Amersi 24/7/365.  (I make myself available to deliver your baby 98% of the time (taking time away from my own family to do so) unless I am on vacation in which case only a board certified MD with equal experience selected by me will be my covering MD). Your baby’s safe birth will always be the absolute top priority. All hospital visits including after hours and weekends will be under my care with direct communication to the entire labor and delivery staff to ensure personalized customized care. I will visit you each day that you are in the hospital during labor and postpartum including after hours and weekends and holidays..


processing your visits through your insurance using an outside billing department which collects a percentage of our reimbursement by insurance 


direct access to Dr Amersi via her personal cell phone, email 24/7/365


Same physician for each appointment


Dr Amersi will coordinate your entire health team for your delivery, she partners with the top perinatologists in the country to ensure the highest quality care for your baby,


Same day appointments for any emergencies 


Personalized interpretation and treatment plan for all results 


Review of all results by Dr. Amersi including all reports from perinatologists 


 Maintaining full phlebotomy lab capabilities in house 


 After hours emergency phone access 24/7/365 to your doctor and emails access for less urgent questions or concerns.  


 Email communication with Dr Amersi and her team


text message access to Dr Amersi and her team 


Prescription requests (medications, breast pumps, orders for procedures, physical therapy,)


Pharmacy call ins for refills and new prescriptions


Chart review , Review of outside records , Review of all imaging reports 


 telephone consultation with other treating physicians and providers


 Collaborating, coordinating and creating your medical team- with perinatologists, birth coaches, doulas,  pediatricians, endocrinologists, breast surgeons, genetic counselors, infertility specialists, mental health therapists, physical therapist, chiropractors,  lactation specialists, primary care physicians, acupuncturists, compounding concierge pharmacists, oncologists, pelvic floor therapy postpartum


 Form completion -  dentists, medical disability, jury duty, return to work form, breast pumps 


 Chart copy for insurances


 Billing and collection of private insurances per office visit 


 the fee also covers daily deep medical sterilization of all equipment to maintain our facility in accordance with safety standards for protection against Covid-19


We look forward to continue to provide the exceptional, personalized care our patients have come to appreciate,



Shamsah Amersi MD

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